BYL Network Microphone as we go on location

BYL Network Microphone as we go on location

It was great to be a talk show guest on Myra Goldick’s podcast airing on  Talk Shoe, Stitcher, itunes and her own website.

Myra’s them is about possibilties and as a person with disabilities she does so much more than many able-bodied people. Myra embraces how much more can be accomplished and she does not let a physical disability stop her from being all that she can be and contributing as much as possible to the world as she possibly can.

As I met with Myra she explained that she’s an not only an advocate for employing people with disabilities, she’s an advocate of collaboration and networking bot onine and offline.

On Myra’s show we discussed collaboration and how many people are confused and believe we are all in competition with one another.

By taking a collaborative look at what is possible by helping others we realize that each of us is unique and that we each have our own networks and circles of influence.

We are not alone and together we can be more effective, faster and more powerfully than we can individually without this effort.

We are here to share our gifts and talents with the world. It’s a big world so we need pathways to do more and brings us together to share this journey.

We are truly not in competition with each other, we benefit the most by collaboration.

Myra shared with listeners that there have been Federal mandates that impact Federal Contractors and these fall under the “503 Mandate” which states that there are requirements for a certain percentage of each Federal contract to be allocated to hiring people with disabilities. 

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