On Location Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

The 13th Annual Barrett-Jackson Collectible Auto Auction was another huge success with record-breaking crowds attending the event held at the South Florida Fairgrounds April 17-19.

Some of my highlights included watching the live auction and then checking out the rest of the event with all its vendors and exhibitors.

The Supercars were inspiring and it would be really hard to pick just one car that you’d want to own. We got to be up close to see and photograph cars that had been sold at the auction including  more than 550 collectible cars such as :

1967  Chevrolet Chevelle SS Custom ; 1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible; 1970 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible; 1960 Ford Talladega Custom; 1987 Buick Grand National GNX; Lot 438-a 1954 Kaiser Darrin Convertible;1954 Buick Skylark Convertible, 1936 Ford Coupe; 1931 Model A Ford.

Let me take you behind the scenes for my Barrett-Jackson experience.

1931 Model A Ford "Sold" April 19 at the PB Auction

1931 Model A Ford “Sold” April 19 at the PB Auction

BarrettJacksonAutoAuction1936FordCoupe BarrettJacksonAutoAuctionAuctionFloorSundayApril19 BarrettJacksonAutoAuctionCocaColaTruckSold BarrettJacksonAutoAuction1966Chevelle

The list would take up pages. It was exciting and fans-even the youngest fans were there to experience the Barrett-Jackson event.

A few of my experiences to share were my getting into an amphibious ATV in my heels which was manufactured by Argo out of Riviera Beach, Florida.

Another cool thing I did was to get behind the wheel of a car that will be on the road about a year from now called the Elio. It is being manufactured- USA-made in Louisiana by Elio Motors. What you’ll notice is that when I put me arms out they extend out past the sides of the car.

The Elio is a car built for two at most with the passenger sitting behind the driver, not next to the driver. The Elio is being designed to get 84 mpg and to retail for $6,800. Reservations are being accepted with deposits.

When I asked more about the vehicle I was told that the plans are to build about 250,000 of them per year. It’s exciting to see that there are companies out there ready to manufacture the next big thing and to participate in hiring people and boosting the economy while at the same time helping consumers to be able to buy affordable transportation that will be more fuel-efficient.

We are saving space and fuel on this ELIO that gets 84mpg

We are saving space and fuel on this ELIO that gets 84mpg

If you missed this Barrett-Jackson Auction, there’s time to get your ticket to the Reno,NV event being held August 6-8.


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