National Teen Driver Safety Week and Defensive Driving Life-Saving Skills

Located in South and Central Florida and Pennsylvania. Cantors Driving Schools have training 30,000+drivers since 1976

Located in South and Central Florida and Pennsylvania. Cantors Driving Schools have training 30,000+drivers since 1976

It’s National Teen Driver Safety Week from October 19 to 25 and although it’s a week to focus on the issues facing teen drivers , safety is always an issue.

We interviewed Frank Cantor, owner of Cantor Driving Schools which has been a family owned and operated business since 1976. The driving school was founded by his father in Pennsylvania in 1976 and expanded to Florida including South and Central Florida.

The Cantors’ driving schools have trained more than 30,000 drivers and are staffed with instructors, most who have previously been police officers.I remarked to Frank that parents would have to prefer having a former police officer in the vehicle with their teen teaching them how to obey the laws and stay out of trouble instrad of having a police officer pull his or her child over to issue a ticket.

Frank is very passionate about making sure that parents know that when they select a driving school they should consider more than just the school’s endorsement, they should consider what their teen will learn.

As a parent we want our children to pass the drivers test and to get licensed, but we’re concerned every day about how they will stay safe in real-world daily driving situations.

When my son was of driving age his grandmother took him on the expressway to practice and he was driving according to the appropriate speed limit. Another driver on the road did not feel that my son was driving fast enought and got angry. I guess you would have to say it was a situation of road rage that developed and then got out of hand.

The situation and emotion escalated when my son held up the middle finger and the other driver got angrier. When my mom decided to take my son to a restaurant for dinner they pulled into the parking lot and went inside to dine. When they returned to the car they were shocked to find that every single window on the car had been smashed and shattered. The result of this incident is that I had to pay for the windows since my son was not working at the time and how could I leave my mother with the bill.

Teens need education and guidance and opportunities to practice skills. The statistics about the outcomes of accidents where teens are involved are scary so it is important for parents to come up with a plan on how their students will get experience driving and learn defensive driving skills as well as other social skills necessary for them to avoid situations like I described above.

It is a fact that 16 year-old drivers are involved in 3x as many accidents as those who have reached 21 years of age. Too many teens die in car accidents-even one death is too many so everything we can do to help keep our teens safe matters and is important.

When asked about some of the skills that teens need to know and practice Frank Cantor mentioned steering, lane control, how to navigate intersections, controlling the speed of their vehicle, passing and following distances,and handling distractions.

As most of us realize cellphones are huge potential distractors as are other people. Frank told me that where your eyes are going your hands are following and that would mean that if the teen driver is looking over to the side of the road and their hands are going there it is very possible that they will veer off the highway or into someone else.

If teens are paying attention to something other than the road and their driving their is a potential for huge problems including being involved in an accident and losing their lives and causing loss to others. These losses may be lives or property.

One way for parents to help keep their teens safe is to establish ground rules for their teens and require that they are followed with consequences for not following the rules.

For those parents getting insurance quotes for the first time which include a teen driver there is often quite a shock. It’s expensive to insure teen drivers and the rates come from the risk and the track records of teen drivers.

I recently interviewed Frank Cantor about his driving schools and why parents should choose Cantors Driving School if they are in South or Central Florida or Pennsylvania and what questions they should ask other driving schools before signing their teen up for lessons.

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