Caregiving for a parent with Dementia and Alzheimer’s

A book about a daughter's experience with her mother's Alzheimer's and dementia.

A book about a daughter’s experience with her mother’s Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In this episode of Successipes, Host Lori Wilk interviewed Elaine C. Pereira, author of the book, “I Will Never Forget.” This book is raw, real, funny and sad about Elaine’s journey through the caregiving experience and loss of her mom from Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Elaine had all the professional training as an Occupational Therapist to understand the neurology of these medical conditions ,but knowledge alone is not enough to get you through these life-altering family tragedies.

As a loving daughter, she could never have been totally prepared for everything that she experienced as a caregiver to a parent ,who she loved, and lost, with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We talked about some of the nursing home experiences that made her laugh and allowed her to lighten up her own heavy thoughts on these serious challenges.

In this episode of Successipes on Blog Talk Radio we spoke about Elaine’s pathway to becoming a published author and her choice with this book to self-publish. As a self-published author there’s no permission needed from a publisher to create the content and get it to the marketplace. There’s no long wait time for the book to be out. It can happen so quickly.

I recommended to the listeners a book by Guy Kawasaki called “APE.” It stands for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur. Guy Kawasaki gives readers all of the information they need in that book to publish their own books and it’s filled with resources and ideas.

Elaine also explained some of the additional things she did to promote her book in terms of getting in the media and publicity. Writing a book as most authors know and those who are in the process will quickly find out is just the tip of the iceberg. You have to promote and market this book continually to keep interest, articles, media and publicity moving along.

In any crowded business marketplace there’s always so much going on and there’s always the next thing that you have to keep working on promoting your project, book, products or services to stay in people’s minds and to make money. You can’t stop.

Elaine’s book is called, “I Will Never Forget.” It’s a story only she could have written about her mother’s Dementia and Alzheimer’s and is available on sites including, Amazon Kindle, Barnes and and Nook.ElainePereiraIWillNeverForget

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