Professional Athletes Risk High-Paying Sports Careers Behaving Badly

The headlines in newspapers across America this year have included stories about more than 35 NFL Players who have been in trouble since the beginning of 2014.

As a society, we tend to look up to professional athletes as role models. What happens when these role models are behaving badly and making inappropriate choices off of the field?

According to relationship coach Bruce Starr, “Professional athletes are coached on everything pertaining to their sport,but receive little or no coaching to guide them in their¬† lives off the field.”

Following my interview with The Luv Coach Bruce Starr, I wrote an article which featured his thoughts on domestic violence and relationships. Bruce shared insights in what he has learned from interviewing pro athletes over the years.

When asked about the topic of domestic violence and where so much of it stems from Bruce gave his opinion,” I believe that much of the domestic violence that we are reading about stems from a breakdown in the American Family unit.”

He explained further, “It’s so hard to raise children when both parents are around. What do you think happens when a single parent has to work two or three jobs and cannot be home most of the time the child is awake?¬† What are the results of a lack of parental guidance when the child or children have to make decisions?

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