Digital Marketing Daily Dose of Unique Perspective

We are operating in a global marketplace and one with content that grows with each second. What you do every day to build your audience and your reach can be very important so you’re not “lost in the sauce.”

What if you decided that you would do digital marketing every day-something. Well, if you stay true to a daily dose, a year from now you’ll have 365 pieces of content to choose your favorite from.

Today, the my digital marketing word for the day is” Perspective.” People will buy your products and services if they are drawn to your unique perspective.

A teacher once told me that there were at least 26 ways to teach someone to read and if they cannot read and are not learning with one method then you have 25 more methods to go to see what works.

In the marketplace, you may have a service that is similar to someone else’s but the way you connect and communicate resonates with a company or business owner and they want your services.

When it comes to marketing, there’s a never ending amount of work and effort to be done. Who is your audience? Why do they need what you have? What is the perspective you have on filling their needs that they will absolutely want from you?

Successipes  focuses on what people are doing to be successful in business and balanced living. We interview entrepreneurs and executives, authors, and innovators.

Since we’re talking about marketing, one of my guests on Successipes has taken his work around the globe, Lon Safko. He has told me for the last few years and shown me in his books including, “The Fusion Marketing Bible,” and “The Social Media Bible,” that marketing will not be separated into categories it will all be considered marketing.

Lon Safko had his own PBS Special and he is a thought leader on marketing. He shares with his audiences how everything can be connected. He shows people how to maximize their efforts with marketing.

The title of this article is about digital marketing and really I just could have said, “marketing.” In his book,”The Fusion Marketing Bible,” Lon shows you how to take the buffet of possibilities for your marketing efforts and turn them into a well-thought-out and organized plan.

You learn how to fuse traditional media, social media, and digital media and long the way learn how to analyze your existing marketing strategies to determine what is and isn’t working.

Take time to connect, link, understand and act on metrics and analytics. Lon’s secret tool that will allow you to put everything together and see how everything fits is called his “Safko Wheel.”

I was first introduced to this book by Lon Safko in 2012 and find that now more and more people are finally understanding what this visionary leader was telling them: marketing is marketing and learning how to fuse the traditional, digital, and social marketing strategies  will help you stay ahead of your competition.

When I first decided to write about the topic of marketing and doing something every day to keep your business visible in the marketplace and to help expand your reach, I didn’t realize that I would take this turn to sharing how much a fan I have become of Lon Safko’s work, but he just has tools that make sense and work.

If you have not met or not heard of Lon Safko, he’s the best-selling author of “The Social Media Bible.” Lon is the inventor of the first voice recognition program, the first home automation, the first three-dimensional virtual environment and 14 inventions in the Computer History Museum in Mountainview,CA. . He has been awarded three U.S. patents for three-dimensional Internet advertising and was “Patent Pending” for the “Fusion Marketing” and the “Safko Marketing Wheel” concepts the last time I interviewed him.

I expect he will tell me about the patents that have been issued since our last conversation should he be a guest on any of my upcoming shows.

We have new words and phrases in this digital marketing world. When I was a little girl the only clouds we talked about were in the sky. Areas to focus on include mobile, video virtual, cloud, apps, social networking, building online communities, content creation, curation, content marketing, and content management..


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